New Songs and Video Posted!!

This just in, we've added a new song from our forthcoming record onto our myspace page. Please do have a listen!

Please also have a look this here video, which takes an inside look at the making of our new record, Tarpits and Canyonlands. It was shot over a few days at Baucom Road Studios back in early February, and put together by the folks at Ramseur Records. (Check out their other videos here).

We also wanted to encourage everyone to save a few dollars and purchase tickets for the Lincoln Theatre show in advance, by clicking here. The date is April 10 and we'll be performing some never-before heard material from our new record (out 7/7/09). We are fired up for this show and would be honored to have you and your friends--it is an all ages event, so grandmothers are okay too. 

One more thing--the photo contest for spreading the word about the show on April 10 is still open.  Simply submit a photo of yourself hanging up a poster or otherwise spreading the word about the show to Stephanie, and you could win tickets to the show plus dinner and cookies in Durham with the band. The deadline to submit an entry is April 8th, so hurry! More details on that are here

See you soon!