Honeymoon download; Raleigh and Richmond this weekend.

The fine gents over at EarFarm are currently offering a limited download of Honeymoon! Get it while the getting is good! Do take a look around the rest of the site--from live reviews to weekly features and the occasional mp3 buffet, these guys are generating some of the best music coverage around.

We also did a fun little interview with Karen Mann over on New Raleigh, which you can check that out here.

We wanted to remind everyone one last time about our show on Friday at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh. Thank you very much to everyone who has already ordered tickets in advance--for those that haven't done so, you still can save a few $ off the door price by purchasing here.

Don't forget that we will be playing at the Plaza Bowl in Richmond, VA on Saturday night. Things get started at 8 bells!

One more thing--in a sudden change of plans, Stuart Robinson will in fact be playing with us on Friday. This will likely be his last performance in North Carolina with the band, as he boldly soldiers off into academia beginning this summer. Our good pal Dylan Thurston (Physics of Meaning / Leming Maloy / Felix Obelix) will also be lending a hand. I apologize for any confusion with our lineup--we are trying to limit Daniel's playing (on account of his hands). Thank you so much for the support and hope to see you soon!