Ramseur Records night in Charlotte, Boone

Ramseur Records night is almost upon us!  This showcase all goes down Friday May 22nd at the Visulite Theatre in Charlotte.  Be sure to arrive on time (8 bells!) so you can catch Paleface, Samantha Crain & the Midnight Shivers, Frontier Ruckus, as well as a special performance by Mr. Jim Avett.


This should be a night of great music and we would be most honored to have you in attendance.  We feel so honored to be a part of this family of great musicians and music-lovers and hope that you can be with us there that night.


On Saturday May 23rd we travel up to Boone to play at the Dragonfly Theatre.  This show gets underway at 10pm.  We would love to see you at this show as well!