Tarpits Listening Party / Art Showing / Extravaganza

Hello everyone, there's lots to read here, so for you skimmers there is a recap at the bottom.

Thank you so much for all the thoughts and concerns over the last few weeks–it means a lot to hear from you all! We mentioned an alternative release party and now it is time to reveal some details. You are hereby cordially invite to the Bombadil CD Listening Extravaganza: July 11th at Golden Belt in downtown Durham!

We are so excited for this event. Though we will be unable to perform as a band, this show will have things we always wanted to feature at a concert but for some reason were unable.

For starters, there will be artwork on display from the new record. We've talked before about how the album is a special collaboration with the Idiots' Books press (the record is a part of their monthly book series, with the packaging doubling as a fable inspired by the songs). This show will feature the fruits of that collaboration on display: one illustration to match every song on the record, plus artwork found elsewhere in the packaging as part of the fable that interperets the album as a whole. We hope you will be able to fall in love with Matthew and Robbi's creations as quickly as we did.

As far as music goes, the evening will feature live performances by two of our favorite bands: The Tender Fruit and Luego. After those sets, we will play the record for a communal listening of Tarpits and Canyonlands.

Meanwhile, James will be defending his honor on the Ping Pong table. You also might try to enter one of the raffles with various Bombadil memorabilia for prizes. At worst, everyone should at least win some free food: there will be free snacks provided by some of Durham's finest eateries. And there are more details to come! So to recap:

Saturday, July 11th @ Golden Belt, 7pm

-Artwork on display from the special Bombadil / IdiotsBooks collaboration
-Live performances by Luego and The Tender Fruit
-Free food from local eateries
-James, defending his honor on the Ping Pong table
-Free raffles featuring unique band memorabilia as prizes
-A casual listening of the new record
-More to come soon!

Admissions will be free. This album represents the culmination of years on the road, thousands of miles on the vans (RIP Mark III), and hundreds of shows, so we would be honored to have you with us to celebrate on this night. This record has been shaped and nurtured by your support, encouragement, and feedback and ultimately, would not have existed without all of you out there. Thank you for everything so far and hope to see you soon.

If you would like to order the record in advance, you may do so here.