Tarpits and Canyonlands - In Stores Now! CD Release Party THIS Sat!

Today is the day! Tarpits and Canyonlands is officially released upon the world.

You can get it in a bunch of places, and you can go directly to those places by clicking these links:
-Bombi official store, individually packaged with love and affection

OR, you could pick up a real, live copy at our FREE listening / CD release party THIS Saturday at the Golden Belt Gallery in our hometown of Durham on July 11th!  More details on that:

We are thrilled to announce that Durham's own improvisational marching band, The Scene of the Crime Rovers, will join the bill with Luego and The Tender Fruit.  We couldn't be more excited to have them–Daniel and Bryan both played in the SOC Rovers for a little while and found them to be a true inspiration.

We have also received the limited edition prints that will be on exhibit: five illustrations to match the fable in the disc's packaging, plus one illustration to represent the each and every song on the record.  They look really, really, really, great and we can't wait to show you.  All 19 of the one-of-a-kind prints will be on sale (between $25 - $50, cash or check) for those interested.

Speaking of artwork, we also have received a (very) limited run of special lyrics booklets–featuring the illustrations for each song that will be in the exhibit–to accompany the fresh discs.  The first 20 people that come to the party and purchase a copy of the record will receive the booklet as a token of gratitude / party favor.  Our lovely portraits, by Emily Kalwaitis, will also be on display.

So we hope we see you there: July 11th, 7pm - 10pm, @ Golden Belt in downtown Durham, for our album art exhibit; for sets by Luego, Tender Fruit and SOC Rovers; for free snacks and ping-pong; for a communal listening of the new record. The event will be BYOB and for those that wish to enjoy their own adult beverage, there will be coolers onhand for storage. This will probably be the last Bombadil-related event for some time, so it would mean a lot to see you there.  Admission is free.


One last thing -- for those of you downloading the album through iTunes, we had intended to (and still intend to) have a digital booklet, but due to a couple of snafus, both major and minor, it's not done cooking yet. So, for the time being (if you should so chose), you can download a PDF of the beautiful art, courtesy of the lovely Robbi and Matthew at IdiotsBooks, right here.