Welcome to Daytrotter

Howdy Everyone!  Our Daytrotter session is now available for your listening experience.  If you aren't familiar with Daytrotter, it is one of my personal favorite time vortexes on the internet.  They do things the hard way: instead of posting regular old mp3s off an album, they invite bands to come into the studio and record alternate versions of their tunes.  Instead of snapping photos of the band, their illustrators create portraits:



We stopped in to record stripped-down versions of the following tracks:

  • Kate and Kelsey
  • Oto the Bear
  • So Many Ways to Die
  • Cavaliers (har hum)

One commenter managed to track down the original Polish poem that inspired "Oto the Bear":

"Prosze panstwa, oto mis.
Mis jest bardzo grzeczny dzis,
Chetnie panstwu lape poda.
Nie chce podac?
A to szkoda."

Anywho, it was great fun to try a new approach to these tunes and we hope you enjoy. 

In other news, our dear disc Tarpits and Canyonlands continues its march across the planet Earth.  This week it has been spotted back in its hometown of Durham, N.C.




Stay tuned for more developments in bombi-land and don't forget to write.

- Bryan, James, and Daniel