We're Playing Cat's Cradle on September 1, and Other News

Many thanks to everyone who came out to see us in Philadelphia, New York, Washington, and at the Duke Gardens (above!) this past week. We were humbled by everyone's support. We sold out of our new 7-inch in approximately 2 hours. THANK YOU! Big ups also to Pree, You Won't, Judson Claiborne, Apollo Run, Conveyor, and a cool dude named Mitch for playing great sets.

Our next big show is at the Cat's Cradle on September 1. Our current band-crush You Won't kicks off the evening. Tickets aren't available just yet, but you can start spreading the word on Facebook in approximately 6 milliseconds

We should also mention that we're working on a brand new album here at Bombadil HQ. Stay tuned for the occasional update from the studio / James's bedroom. 

P.S. We joined Instagram! Fellow IG addicts can connect with us at @wearebombadil on yr smart phones or you can track us on Statigram

Adios for now...