James to Release Solo Record

Sumner James McGraw Phillips--Bombadil's very own trap kit specialist, in-house audio engineering/producer guy, and cartoonist--is about to add "solo recording artist" to his curriculum vitae. Operating under the alias of Sumner James, he's set to release his debut record, "29 Days" on August 28. 

The long and short of it is that from February 1 thru February 29, he holed up in a Portland, OR-area barn (that may look familiar) and busted out 10 totally rad tunes. 

You can stream two songs and pre-order his limited edition 7" over on his bandcamp page and monitor his activities on his Facebook fan page (make sure to hit that little like button).

You can also pick up a copy of his musical wares at our upcoming show at the Cat's Cradle on September 1

Go have a listen!