Happy Thanksgiving! James' recipe for a Black Friday Sandwich!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We hope that your stuffing is delightful and your Black Friday deal is lucrative. We're hunkering down for the holiday and then hitting the highways of the Southeast for one last tour before winter time. If you're in or near Gaffney, Columbia, Asheville, or Charlottesville, we'd love to see you.

12/3 - Gaffney, SC - Capri on Main - http://goo.gl/DWK7RJ
12/4 - Columbia, SC - Conundrum Music Hall - http://goo.gl/Tbmdti
12/5 - Asheville, NC - The Mothlight - http://goo.gl/1NI9Mt
12/6 - Charlottesville, VA - The Southern Cafe and Music Hall - http://goo.gl/IcQVBB

Before we go, here's James' recipe for a Black Friday Sandwich:

2 pieces of bread (toasted and buttered)
- 1 DIY potato pancake (oil pan, form toast sized lump of mashed potatoes, fry)
- turkey (dark and white meat)
- stuffing (mom's traditional walnut and sausage recipe)
- cranberry sauce
Smother in gravy, serve closed face with a napkin (can also make a killer burrito)
Add cheese if you're feeling adventurous, add green beans or Brussel sprouts if you need more vegetables

See you soon!

James, Stuart, Daniel

Photo by Kristen Abigail Collective