"I Love You All The Time" (Eagles Of Death Metal cover)

The recent Paris attacks really got to me. The cruel and malicious targeting of innocent people simply enjoying nightlife, gunned down while watching live music, eating dinner, laughing.
Eagles Of Death Metal was the band playing at Le Bataclan that night. I learned that they are urging artists to cover their song "I Love You All The Time." The band will donate all of their publishing from the song to charity. The idea appealed to me as a simple way to fight back against the evil of these attacks.
So here is our Bombadil cover of "I Love You All The Time" (recorded, mixed, & mastered by Mr. Stacy Harden). All streaming revenue will be donated to The Sweet Stuff Foundation. We realize it's not a large sum of money but felt the need to do something in the face of this horror. Thank you for the idea, Eagles of Death Metal. Long live rock and roll.

- James Phillips

daniel michalak