NEW SONG! "Bill You For Your Trash" + Exclusive EP!

"Bill You for Your Trash" is the third single from our new album! Listen to it in the video above. 

We are offering an exclusive EP through our PledgeMusic pre-order. Every pre-order will receive a digital copy of the EP, and there are also a limited number of CDs. The CDs have a screen printed cover by Steve Oliva at Kitchen Island and an essay from James inside the fancy folded package. They look like this: 

The title is “Still Bombadil Issue #1: Score for Cell Phone, Rubber Band & Wine Glass" and here is the track list: 

1) Working is Such a Drag
2) The Year It Forgot to Snow
3) Never Gonna Be That Way
4) Heartbreak During the Eisenhower Administration (Time Machine)
5) Too Much, Too Little, Too Late
6) Beneath the Ocean, Seahorses are Dancing
7) Waltz for Tuesday

There are only a few remaining in the pre-order store, so please act fast if you want one! PRE-ORDER here. Only 7 days left to place your order! 

Now, while we think the EP is really great, you might be hesitant to buy it without knowing how the songs sound, so here is an audio teaser that we put together that includes all songs from the EP!

James and Daniel recorded this EP in the waning days of January and the beginning days of February, so it is fresh off the presses. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. As always, thank you for your continued support.

- Bombadil