Hold On

1. Coughing on the F Train 2. Amy's Friend 3. Bill You for Your Trash 4. Forgive Me Darling 5. I Can't Believe in Myself and Love You Too 6. Sunny December 7. Fromboise 8. Love You Too Much 9.Rhapsody in Black and White 10. Honest 11. Seth (Guess I'll Know When I Die) 12. Love Is Simply


Metrics of Affection

1. Angeline 2. Learning to Let Go 3. Born at 5:00 4. Isn't It Funny 5. Boring Country Song 6. Have Me 7. Patience is Expensive 8. When We Are Both Cats 9. Whaling Vessel 10. What Does It Mean 11. One More Ring 12. Escalators 13. Thank You


All That the Rain Promises

1. I Will Wait 2. The Pony Express 3. Laundromat 4. Flour Water Sugar 5. Avery 6. Leather Belt 7. A Question 8. Good Morning Everyone 9. One Whole Year 10. Short Side Of The Wall 11. Unicycle


Tarpits and Canyonlands

1. I Am 2. Sad Birthday 3. Honeymoon 4. Reasons 5. Cold Runway 6. Oto the Bear 7. Prologue 8. So Many Ways to Die 9. Marriage 10. Laurita 11. Kuala Lumpur 12. Pyramid 13. 25 Daniels 14. Matthew 15. Kate and Kelsey 0. Barcelona


A Buzz, a Buzz

1. Trip Out West 2. Julian of Norwich 3. Smile When You Kiss 4. Rosetta Stone 5. Three Saddest Words 6. Buzz, a Buzz 7. One Two Three 8. Cavaliers (har hum) 9. Caterpillar Tree (for old time's sake) 10. Johnny 11. Get to Gettin' On 


Bombadil [EP]

1. Jellybean Wine  2. Sinister Side 3. Johnny 4. Tall Grass 5. La Paz


Coughing on the F Train

i just saw you in your apartment
you just took a shower
you smelled like your old shampoo
i threw out all those memories
all those things that remind me
now i’m standing here before you
what would you say if i still adored you

i told myself i would never talk to you
i told myself i would never reach out to you
falling asleep on the subway
coughing on the f train out to brooklyn
i wonder where the homeless go when it rains
all these faces aren’t worth looking i wonder why
i bought a ticket to this game

can you give me a glass of water
do you have some medicine
you still have that picture of him
has it really been four years
breakfast at the place you think’s great
is this all the life you know
are we friends or on a date

i’m cold my health is feather
whether it's up to you i’m cold my health is feather whether i reach out to you
falling asleep on the subway
coughing on the f train out to brooklyn
i wonder where the homeless go when it rains
calling all my peeps on sunday
texting on the f train out to brooklyn
wonder why i get no service explain
all these faces aren’t worth looking
i wonder why i bought a ticket to this game
girl why can’t i forget you

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Amy’s Friend

amy can you blame me for asking you
more about your man and his shark skin shoes
stay in your hotel room and not his place
pretend the mascara's not running down your face

amy can you paint me a portrait of love
can you tell a story with creatures made of
goodness and affection compromise
instead of superstition doubt and lies

if you stare into the sun for too long
you could believe you could have been someone for anyone all along
if you read your leaves from just the right angle
you can make believe
love can’t be wrong

amy what’s right for you is right for amy
what’s right for you is right you see

amy can you play me a song i don’t know
fill it with your voice so soft and low
i can listen with my ear against the floor
float upon the waves and washed to shore

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Bill You for Your Trash

they will kill you with the reddest tape
they will kill you if you’re not in shape
do you like 90's tv sitcoms
it’s a double date
they will kill you if you try to touch
they will kill you if you ask too much
don’t you hate those beautiful people
why do they make us hush
they will bill you to forget your trash
they will bill you to hold your cash
better spend it on nothing you need
it’s a cannonball splash

maybe we were not made to figure out
did it really hurt so bad you had to count
maybe there is little we can do but live in doubt
i swear i’ll make you proud
save me from the bigger rain cloud
who’s calling all the shots now
it’s too late to figure out
did i really cry out loud

they will bill you for the radio
they will bill you if you drive too slow
what’s the matter with the money i use
that’s my buffalo
they will fill you with the things you own
they will fill you like mindless drones
are you gonna stand and take it complacent
spilled my ice cream cone

maybe we were not made to figure out
but i swear i’ll make you proud
maybe we were not made to figure out
did it really hurt so bad you had to count
maybe there is little we can do but live in doubt
i swear i’ll make you proud
save me from the bigger rain cloud
who’s calling all the shots now
it’s too late to figure out
did i really cry out loud

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Forgive Me Darling

forgive me darling for all i’ve done wrong
i tried my best just couldn’t wait that long
i want you to know that i wanted to stay
i wanted to hold on for just one more day
but an airplane was waiting i just had to go
so now all that's left are your little notes

forgive me darling

got a box of your letters packed under my coats
can’t stand to read them though i keep coming close
i check every day to see if you wrote
you never do so i’ve given up hope
a lifetime of waiting is a lifetime too long
so i’ll keep on searching for a place to belong

forgive me darling

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I Can't Believe in Myself and Love You Too

what can i do
you tell me that you need me
is that the worst lie you can feed me
even if i believed it
i’d still be hungry
you tell me that it’s easy
is that a truth you think will please me
maybe the mountain top is too cold a place to be

what can i do
i can’t believe in myself and love you too
i wish the pieces we built had more glue
i can’t believe in a hell where we can't choose
i’m pleading i don’t win and you don’t lose
i feel my shoulders sinking lower
is it just the ocean pulling me under and under
maybe i should learn how to swim buoyed by another
i just called because i felt guilty
is it just our city crumbling and filthy
even if we had hammers the nails would pelt and stone me

what can i do
i can’t believe in myself and love you too
i wish the pieces we built had more glue
i can’t believe in a hell where we can't choose
i'm pleading i don't win and you don't lose
i only wish you could walk in my shoes

what can i do
i only wish you could
if only we could
i can’t believe in myself and love you too
i can’t believe in a hell where we can't choose
what can i do

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Sunny December

love is a disease
it infects what you believe about yourself and the others you need
and love is not kind
it won’t smile and it won’t shine
it isn’t there when you need it
you can’t save it and you can’t delete it
and love is cruel and unforgiving
and love is usually unwilling to give you back what you’ve been building
it will scorch the earth just cos you’re tilling it
and like a cat you’ve been petting for every day of every single week
but when you need it and when you’re feeling weak all it really wants to do is fall asleep
because love is vicious and love is spiteful but love also just doesn’t care
so you can fight it but when you strike at it it’ll just vanish like it was never there
but believe me it’s still there
not in your shoes or heart or hair
cos i’ve looked in all the obvious places and still haven’t found it anywhere
but when i find it i will kill it
so that i can get on with my life
and regain composure of my posture and control of the thoughts in my own mind
because love will break you apart
but now hate is accessible and jealousy is free
bitterness is easy and blame comes even easier for me
and lust is a game that you always will lose
but who minds losing when each level has new contestants for you to choose
and you can yell out
ok i’m finished
now i want to win
well too bad cos winning’s not up to you
all you can do is choose when to begin
to start losing something different
shaped vaguely like pride
but much bigger and much heavier and much much easier to find
and once you give that away you will know
by the sickness in your stomach and the numbness in your toes
because love will break you apart
and love is hard

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tu es bourgeoise
presque comme une framboise
i can tell mademoiselle
that you’re too red to be sunburnt
what it is i can’t discern
and it makes you uncomfortable
to think of yourself this way

tu n’es pas fait main
rassis comme le vieux pain
i can see c’est la vie
that you’re quiet and you’re pure
and now you hang your head demur
and it makes you an atheist
to think of yourself this way

sitting on the bottom of the shelf
she’s missing all the pieces of herself
am i patient am i kind or am i wasting time
counting out her blessings one by some
she’s rounding down to several minus one

am i patient am i kind or am i wasting time

tu es dans un pot
la fleur fane trop tot
i thought you knew c’est du deja vu
you demand to know how far
but you never left and you’ve been starred
and it makes you feel infinite
to think of yourself this way

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Love You Too Much

day by day
the months turn to years
and i slowly start to think
that my love for you has disappeared
but when in the morning i am dreaming
it’s your face i see
and they’re your tears i’m drying
as you pull your body close to me

oh god will i ever be past you (passing on by)
oh god will i ever feel strong at last (too strong to cry)
oh god will i ever move on from your touch
i don’t think so but i do know that i love you too much

day after day
side by side
now all my pictures
show me your light blue eyes
and though i can’t stand to see them
you’re still on my shelf
cos i can’t stand to realize
that i’m by myself

do you remember
when fire filled the sky
early september
we watched the people running for their lives
and i turned to my right
and asked you “how are you so calm”
you said “i’m not afraid to die as long as you’re by my side”

well you said that you’d give me love forever
and i believed in you
and i believed you too
so what makes me stay by your side once you’ve turned away
i don’t know but it kills me every day

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Rhapsody in Black and White

i was talking to my one black friend
realized she was gorgeous then
i thought we’d be a perfect couple
too bad she’s got a nice boyfriend

we lived in the same apartment complex
i kept meaning to tell her day after next
i am sure he's cool and probably no trouble
but i think i am better for you now watch me flex

could you wrap your cocoa arms here
i can’t keep on waiting
am i gonna have to show you some tears
pump up my heart to get respect

we moved apart as people often do
off to the city when school was through
i thought i’d see her much more often
she’s working as a lawyer up by nyu

grew up thirty minutes from each other
in the southeast dirt and humid thunder
i always thought we were quite the same
now she's tying the knot with a new white lover

could you turn your midnight eyes here
i can’t keep on waiting
am i gonna have to show you some tears
pump up my heart to get respect

don't be hating
hating on a boy thinks you're the best
waiting on love just like the rest

wonder if i’ll go to the wedding
destination in a summer setting
will i speak or hold my peace
forever is the wrong direction to be heading

can i talk about our love in old age
would we be widowed and out of place
even if i’m in a rocking chair
i’ll drop my cane at our first embrace

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what does it cost to be honest
to be loyal to be true
what does it take to be frank
to break the heart of the one who loves youplease
what do you need
what can i do so you’ll believe that i slept with her
because i’m insecure
and i felt like i deserved
the right to be a jerk
and now i’ll never give in
i’ll never forgive
you for making that stupid so-called joke
when you said you wouldn’t care if i slept with other girls
cos your words are important
and i’ve wanted to be important to you
since before i gave you twelve of the orangest roses in two thousand two
and that’s a really long time
when you’re twenty-nine
over a third of my whole life i have spent wishing you were mine
so if you think i’m unwell
then you can go to hell
if you think that my head’s not right cos i couldn’t read your mind
then you can fuck yourself i’m telling you i couldn’t tell that you were for real
that you were in it for keeps
that you were in it so deep deep down from your earlobes to your feet
you say the things you did had shown me so i really should have known
but where the fuck was i to go with what you told me now i feel like we’re stuck
we’re in the land before time
and i’m coming down to tell you where i lost my mind
that i lost my mind
off highway 79

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Seth (Guess I'll Know When I Die)

i have thought
i had learned lessons i’d been taught
what can be said what is passing
take my picture i won’t be back
hug me once goodbye and look me in the eye
it feels it’s just beginning
guess i’ll know when i die

i have lived
i have shifted but have i ever gived in
what is the truth what is passion
burned at the woodpile release me to the wind
write me a poem that reminds me of the sky
it looks warm to me
guess i’ll know when i die

i have sung
i have gone but what have i become
move on over angels i am coming
i will stand for no one i will stand for nothing
judge me on a lie that will fall where i lie
it looks bright to me
guess i’ll know when i die

i have patience
i have tasted but never turned the pages
let me go in peace let me go in anger
i will go on my terms leave me like a stranger
listen to my heart beat it stops when i sigh
it feels it’s just beginning
guess i’ll know when i die

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Love Is Simply

love is simply
something simple
throw it across the water
watch it skip and ripple
we can hold each other
wouldn’t that be simple

love is never
one thing forever
better tend your garden
kick the frost pick the peppers
the ground dries and hardens
winter can’t last forever

talk is complicating
tongues are obsolete
books that are overrated
tell us we should never meet
should i repeat

love is hardly
something hardy
step with quiet feet
in our own dance party
listen to hearts beat
you can hear it hardly

love is easily
something easy
burn fried in a pan
can you smell the smoked hickory
the egg in your hand
to crack up is too easy

talk is complicating
tongues are obsolete
books that are overrated
tell us we should never meet
should i repeat
who told you that

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take another left Angeline
can't you see the light's turned green 
and you are lost in the city

keep going straight Angelane 
this part of town looks all the same
but I think you'll find it pretty

where you trying go Angelo
your heart goes fast while your car goes slow
and I hope the people have pity

take out the map, Angeline
won't you take out the map?
try and look back Angeline
no -- it's hard to look back
think about the places you have been
the places we've been together?
and say goodbye

take a deep breath Angelie
count to ten and say goodbye
farewell to the concrete pasture 

turn up the heat Angeline 
your bones are cold and it’s in your mind
to go a little faster

pull to the side Angelou
you'd get home if you only knew
the name on your door that your after

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Learning to Let Go

i swear that i am dreaming
when i kiss your lips
is it that we're in love
or just little kids

i'm learning to let go
when will i know

i don't feel that lucky
even with my girl
even if she loves me
there is so much in this world

i'm learning to let go
when will i know

what you see in ink blots, painted
smashed like Rorschachs, jaded
the collision of our lives, was slow

tell me that it's over
i won’t feel that bad
even if you cheated
i'll know that i've been had

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Born at 5:00

born at 5:00, bright blue eyes
mother beamed, father cried
his first words came from a song mom sang
big sis wished it'd been her first name

and he took his first steps learned to live upright
he sat through school but he ran thru the night
and at thirteen kissed a girl but she didn't kiss back 

a name misspelled on the diploma
paycheck => road trip => arizona
his first love wore her hair full of curls
they called it quits but he found another girl

and everyone stared as she walked down the aisle
kids got daddy's eyes and they stole momma's smile
and for a while there everything was goddamn peachy keen

until he cheated death at 35
asleep at the wheel swerved just in time
his heart grew cold and he lost touch
the job was boring and the marriage was tough

then he saw a drop of blood roll down his son's face
he was standing in a robe he was teaching him to shave
and he snapped out of it and he learned to love again

but a stroke got dad and they buried mom
once the cancer grew too strong
a lullaby from sister's lungs
first tear in dad's eye since the birth of his son

so he took the year off to get back on his feet
he didn't do much, took a trip to the beach
here he slept on the sand had a dream where the girl kissed back

highway home, daily grind
birthdays, holidays, peace of mind
he lost his hair, found his laugh 
composed a will and his epitaph

there was nothing too special about the way he lived life
was about average build, was about average height
sometimes he did things wrong other times he did right

a porch out front and a yard out back
the quiet life in the cul-de-sac
kids in school gowns and ties
more little babies with bright blue eyes

so he cashed in his chips and he moved to the hills
but he didn't eat right and he didn't take his pills 
and then at 5 clock one day those soft blue eyes grew still 

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Isn't It Funny

isn't it funny
to think about all the things that make us sad
like losing dreams
and kisses that don't mean anything
what does it bring

isn't it funny
to think about all the things that make us cry
like family
and the one time that your best friend lied
what does it bring

its time to sit down and reflect
the misdeeds you can't correct
we've all had our missteps
our shoelaces are ragged
and our heart rabid                    
have the faces become wood
to burn if you could
you won't say goodbye though you should
the fire will pass by where you stood 
its an opportunity and it's good
but it's hotter than what you're prepared to do
it's a realization 
as you stare into the bayou
that you must lower your expectations 

I've seen that
it brings hardship at such a fast clip
broken pride and a busted lip
a wheelchair is your new bridle and horse bit
how will you control yourself at this high idle 
when the words you say don't fit
and the motion in your legs is nonexistent 
would you say boredom is an emotion  you feel 
but cant vent
all the memories sealed forever vacant  
friends you can't even remember
nor how the time was spent
you give in easy now like rag doll, it seems to be the only constant 

I am a chauffeur
this life is over
drive where you want to
I can't take you there
your arms hurts when you twist
an even the best docs and psychiatrists can't
help answer why me why this
they still think ignorance is bliss
did you tell them what you missed

that your life is over
and the chauffeur's been thrown out
golf clubs and baseball gloves
but you can't even get out of the dugout
you hit a home run and try to laugh  
you see the ball and then zone out

and it's your favorite thing to watch the weather channel
wrapped in your best flannel
your eyes void you can’t handle  the honest  precipitation or
its sting   
what does the rain promise
what does the pain bring
forever a doubting Thomas, you begin to ask yourself about everything

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Boring Country Song

just another boring country song
just another story about you and me
what about those big tears
doesn't make you happy     

just another plot goes on and on
just another love with too much history
what about King Lear
doesn't drive you crazy

just another boring country boy
just another soul whose feet are dirty
what about the big tears
doesn't make you happy

just another rabbit from my hat
just a magician whose tricks are lazy
what about the smoke and mirrors
hasn't fooled you lately

but you''ll probably never hear it anyway
if you heard my voice would my tenor be ok
i never took a lesson in my life
not confessing to you that you were right

you don't listen to country
you don't wear boots on sunday
you don't understand sweet tea
then why do i find it crazy 
that you like me

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Have Me

you can't have diamonds made of gold
you can't stop from getting old
you can't put everyone you've loved into a single car and
you can only go so far

you can't have 700 wives
you can't decide who lives or why
the universe exploded

you can't have constant happiness
you can't rebuild forgotten bliss
or mountaintops, eroded

but when i walked into your room
i was so scared that you would see
all the nervousness surrounding me 

but now i know i was the fool 
for starting every single 
sentence in my head with "we"

you can't have everything you want
or even sometimes what need
even if you need it desperately

but, apple blossom, if i could, 
i'd carve a shuttle out wood,
and fly us out beyond the breeze.

all alone except for stars,
i would wonder how you are
the most beautiful of things

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When We Are Both Cats

I asked my girl:
baby do you love me true? 
do you love me like the ocean loves the blue?
she rolled over and then she stopped me in my tracks
it'll be revealed some day when we are both cats

I blinked my eyes 
and considered a reply
hey baby, do you think you could clarify?
when she the words again, I wasn't sure how to react
it'll be revealed some day when we are both cats

so I asked my girl 
what that meant about our past
all those times you told me that our love would last
did you love me then or was all of that an act?
it'll be revealed some day when we are both cats

so I walked outside 
'cause I needed some fresh air
went out driving, caught a movie, cut my hair
but no matter where I went 
all her words kept coming back
it'll be revealed some day when we are both cats

and then when I came home
the bird had spread her wings 
she evacuated all her little things
just a little note to the mantle was attached
we will meet again someday when we are both cats

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Whaling Vessel

my skin is made of the softest oils
does this make me a factory
my fins that take me through the sea
bounty of a royal man 
that's trying to get the best of me
on his whaling vessel

my skin is made of the softest oils
destined for the big city
my tail is a gray oragami
bounty of a royal man 
who's trying to get the best of me
on his whaling vessel

a thousand miles beside the rails
and then I'm gone before they set the sails on me
in their whaling vessel

a man is a fish that lost his scales
does that make him a lesser thing
tired of land where he is king
nothing noble in the art 
of trying to get the best of me
on his whaling vessel

a man is a fish that lost his scales
does that make us family
does he face me honestly
driven by a frail sense of
sharing ancient memories
on his whaling vessel 

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What Does It Mean

what does it mean when you stay silent? is that just shyness, or have you implied that it's the end of our life together?  baby you were meant for me but maybe i act differently from how you expected me to be.  what does it mean when you cry when i describe how your root beer eyes stab me with little tiny knives of longing in my mind?  it seems there could be two explanations.  they could be joyful tears or they could employ your fears of facing the shame of saying you'd rather he be here.  

well you came on to me so i went to you.   but if i knew then that i'd still be this in to you, would i have been so unkind to you, taken your time from you?  i don't think so.  i don't know, but i don't thinks so.

what does it mean when you say "okay goodbye" after i say i love you one million times into the phone line when each little chat has died?  why does it feel like you've got ice for arms?  oh yeah, it's cool girl, yeah i'm busy too, girl.  we'll touch base soon, sure, but i've really got a ton of work to do, alone.  baby we were meant to be but maybe we are not the same as how you envisioned we would be.  and baby you mean everything to me but i have seen the reasons now and i think you should probably leave.

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One More Ring

my room is a museum
a lifetime's of my work 
I am the last Mohican 
I stand proud although I'm hurt
I keep a cup of secrets 
from which I never drink
I am an ancient king 
who sits proud but never thinks

so if I find one more ring 
of yours mixed up among my things
I just might sell all my belongings 
to make sure I've cut all my strings

and if I find one more note
crumpled up inside my coat
I'm moving back to Carolina
where I'll live out on the coast

I have a box of trinkets 
I count them one by one
each one is a keepsake 
from a war that I have won
I have a daily schedule
a comfortable routine
watch months roll by with pleasure
like girls walking down the street

I lost all my ambition
could've settled for less
but if I can't have you 
I don't care about the rest

if I find one more strand 
of black hair under my night stand 

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if i lay down
on an escalator
would you step on me
just a rug
tired of hugs and relaxation
i've given up
on my autobiography
cold coffee and a pillow
days that feel slow
are enough for me

if i gave in
to the corporate tactics
would you say that i
all that i once believed in
has come untied
Teddy Roosevelt - "I cannot speak softy"
cold coffee and a pillow
days that feel slow
are enough for me

do you ever think about the future
what holds those invisible sutures together
is the doctor in
whatever happened to spontaneity
it’s my deity
and i'm in charge of me
let’s see how far we can walk with our eyes closed
each step raises the bar of uncertainty
but fortunately
our feet are wheels that ride the maze
that is my life my hour my days

let’s take the escalator up
we've been living in a cup that's china-made
i drank the kool aid
i paid too much for
and more is just a bore
of plastic happiness
let’s get rid of the rest of this
twist yourself to hear the truth
your laundry list is so uncouth
of things been checked off
forgotten or left off
and all the lights you never turned off
and i'm the man who pays

if i lay down
would you pick me or
would you step on me

we're out of toilet paper again
all this talk about the end is eating me up
would you please shut up
we've had enough
of the apocalypse
and its making me sick and i cannot predict
the ending of my favorite show
or was it a book in slow motion
like Captain Cook on the Indian Ocean
eaten alive and great history lies in you and I
and I think that's ok 

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Thank You

forget about the ones who let you down but remember to stay gracious for the ones who stuck around.

thank the ones around you, if you win, but believe in yourself even if your own mother begins
to doubt you.

and take everyone you love, and write them down.  you might not want to tell all of them, because that could weird some people out, but let them know you care, somehow.

now hold the one you love in both your hands.  apologize for what you did, and he will understand.  and if he doesn't, well fuck him, you've done all you can.

but i just want to say thank you for all the time that you stayed by my side.  what a wonderful feeling to feel like everything is right.  what a wonderful feeling to know that everything is fine

keep your family close because when you get in trouble they'll be the last to lose their hope.

say your prayers every night.  they don't have to be to god, it just helps to sort your thoughts. and you never know, they might be right.

now if i died tomorrow, would you say nice things?  or would you tell the truth even if it sounds a little mean, so if i'm remembered, i'm remembered realistically?

but if there's something that you want with all your heart that you want so much, it's tearing you apart well don't try to kill the fire, it has to go out on its own.

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I Will Wait

Oh my Jesus Christ,
can you bring me back to life?
Can you lead me to an afterlife that I would like?

Oh my Savior of the Meek,
can you teach me how to speak?
Can you teach me how to love myself when I am weak?

Oh my Lord of Love,
where are you hiding far above?
Why don’t you come to me and show me what I ask you of?

Oh Emmanuel,
will you guide my way?
Did you see, but do you understand how far I fell?

Oh my Righteous Man,
will you give me solid land?
Will you give my own the greatest gift so we may stand?

Oh my End of Days,
am I headed for a path
that will lead me to the mouth of everlasting pain?

They will pray but if you listen you will hear me say:
I will wait for you to swing below and take me away.

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The Pony Express

I am so sorry

Take off your hat take a seat now
put a pen to paper and write
Put on a stamp
Put on a lick
The letter will send itself

write on the line
Right on time
the pony express is clockwork

I wish the rose that I gave you
Was still taped to the window
And the ponies played fiddles that weighed down their backs
Whispering I am so sorry

Just a few more errands to do
Last in line the letter it is
Put in a coat
Put on a rack
And then forgotten

Left at a friend's
and he'd let you in
But you haven't spoken in weeks

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The next time I am at the laundromat
I’m gonna talk to her
And the next time I talk to her
I’m gonna ask her out

The soap is old the dry is cold and I cannot fold
My socks in knots as the quarters drop and I’m stuck in parking lots
As I listen to the machines go ‘round

The next time I am at the laundromat I’m gonna call my dad
And the next time I call my dad I will apologize

The snack machine is stuck between the TV and magazines
That talk about our self-doubt and the things we can’t live without
As I listen to the machines go ‘round

I’ve been waitin’ after weekend after weekend after

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Flour Water Sugar

Flour water sugar
Warm air in the oven
All you need's to wait dear
All you need's to wait for the sun to come near

Mother wife and daughter
She's the only one who's home
Won't you come and greet her
Won't you come and meet the woman who is sure
to always wait for the sun to come near

Dust lies in the cabinets for years
Layers of paint on the wall disappear
Telling stories
Just a repetitious hum
Waiting for the guests who surely forgot to come
all day all day all day she yawns to pass her years

Boxes from the ceiling to the floor
Books she never read and clothes she never wore
Drinking coffee every hour until one
Waiting for the guests who surely forgot to come
all day all day all day she yawns to pass her years

Blow out all the candles
Sweep up all the breadcrumbs
Flour water sugar
mix them for the day to come
day to come near
who will come near?

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Leather Belt

Like a leather belt I am unlatched on the floor
The untethered ball detached from the core

Please don’t pick me up perhaps it’s my preferred form
Please don’t put me back I’m a dropped acorn

If you mean well, leave me here
Don’t leave me here
It’s what I fear

As a desert oak I wear a trench coat of thorns
If you lean on me your skin might get torn

Just a heavy wind I am a hurricane being
A steady wave cursing all I’m seeing

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A Question

Excuse me, I have a question that will make us awkward. So, if you would like an awkward situation, just say “What is it Stuart?” Okay, here it goes.

Excuse me, but I have a little trepidation so I’m already a bit awkward. So, if you would like an intrepid situation, just say “What is it Stuart?” Okay, here it goes.

Do you like me too?

Excuse me, but I was obviously just kidding. Of course I don’t really feel that way about you -- that would be so incredibly awkward. What do I say now?

Excuse me, but I have a serious situation: I think my eyelids are broken. I should see nothing when I close them, but I see your face smiling up at me in Tennessee.

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Good Morning Everyone

I dropped the plate onto the floor
It was too early to breathe
We'll sweep it up before we're up
And whisper with our feet

The radio rings
It's hard to say
Whether the day is late or lazy
Good morning everyone

I pulled the sheets up off my eyes
It was too cold to dream
Scratch my back let's listen back
To the thoughts we forget slowly

The coffee bubbles
Is it too much
to say the hour has lost its touch
Good morning everyone

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One Whole Year

One day I went to work, told em I had had enough
I was born to be an artist I was meant for paint and brush
So I sold all I owned, what I didn’t sell I burned
And I moved in with my parents, bought supplies with what I’d earned
And now all I got to show for these empty cans of paint
Is a portrait of my mother, a suburban landscape
All the people that I met, all the time that I spent
Was a poor man’s fortune but it didn’t pay the rent

I made it one whole year
Think it went pretty well but I’ll tell you in a minute it was shorter than it felt

The nurse called my name and I hobbled to my feet
And the test results were good enough to let em set me free
Now they’re sawing off my casts and I’m trying to recall
How to walk and how to dance and how it feels when I fall

I pleaded with the judge and I cried to the jury
But my lawyer says it’s over and I really shouldn’t worry
I thought I’d get off clean but they heard my past was checkered
Don’t they know a man is more than what’s recorded on the record
So they hauled me off in chains and they showed me to my cell
It’s a place that never rains it’s a steel umbrella

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Short Side of the Wall

The short side of the wall is crumbling
I don’t know if I should blame someone
The short side of the wall is tumbling
Over and over until it is overrun

Lips of locks and hearts of rocks
Are losers that have won
Minds of bricks and souls of sticks
Are lined up one by one

The short side of the wall is mumbling
It was over before it begun
The short side of the wall is humbling
Stone by stone we own the revolution

Priests of light and acolytes
Will answer to no one
Weary dogs and rusty cogs
Are marching to the drum

What do you want to be
With all that you see
What do you want to have
With all that you have done
What do you want to do
Now that it’s through
For what do you long
Now that it is gone

The short side of the wall is sunken
And the future’s setting like the sun
The short side of the wall fell down
As the people fired off their guns

Children dream of times that seem
Forgotten by everyone
Devil’s bells and carousels
Already have begun

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Two wheels is too much for me
And handlebars are too easy
Spin my pedals on just one wheel
Put me on the saddle I’m outta here

Give me a unicycle dear
Give me a rubber dusty keel
Give me an edge that I can feel
As I bump up and down the hill

Goin fast is overrated
And falling off is what I’ve traded
It’s unbalanced but what a steal
Inefficient is my onliest fear

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I Am

I am lost in the sand building you a pyramid

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Sad Birthday

in the hall we're celebrating what is called sad birthday
you're the host, it's up to you to make the toast on this cursed day
count to 3, but there is no one else to sing (1 2 3 ) happy birthday

sad birthday

count your gifts, count again what did you miss nothing anyway 
candles burn, make a wish and then adjourn to the next day 
cut the cake, get in line and take a plate, the polite way

postman comes, a stack of bills between his thumbs just to throw away
check your phone there's just one message it's from home and they forgot to say
happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you

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throw the body in the lake
and take a chance that no one finds out

your life is stories that you fake
and rake like leaves behind you

so row the boat into the bay
and say you've lost your compass

your life is pieces that you play
and maybe they will trump us

blow the kiss you never felt
and belt your wife for smiling

love is lying by yourself
alone awake and crying

even if you knew
what lies, what lies behind that honeymoon

sew the ribbon round your throat
and coat your mouth with honey

your life is books you never wrote
and tote only for money

dig a hole into the ground
and pound the earth in outrage

your life is treasures that you've found
and drowned in lakes that you've made

show the soul you never had
a fad that will not save you

your life is hiding all the bad
and sad smiles that break you

honey if you took back all the promises and rings
and little things and when he sings would you still know
what lies behind that honeymoon

movies that you make and you hit stop and you hit play
and the scenes are day by day would you still know
what lies behind that honeymoon

comb through all facts to learn his words are rather heady
says he's ready to go steady would you still know
what lies behind that honeymoon

pies that you will bake when you are sittin in the kitchen
are you listenin to what your missing would you still know
what lies behind that honeymoon

be the first to crack when your new love must be measured
under pressure under pleasure would you still know
what lies behind that honeymoon

suckle on the lack of all the hugs you never got
and if you rot it's what you bought would you still know
what lies behind that honeymoon

dew lies on the haystack you were tied and you were tethered
like a feather in stormy weather would you still know
what lies behind that honeymoon

be the first to crack when your new love must be measured
under pressure under pleasure would you still know
what lies behind that honeymoon

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well if i'm the reason you get mad
consider if you never had
a reason to get quite so angry for at all.

and if you're the reason i get red
i'll consider throwing you to bed
as well as all the times when i got
nothing much at all.

don't walk away. and i won't walk away.

if we're the reason you get scared
consider that we've never fared
better than the fights in which we gave our all.

and if i'm the reason you get cross
consider that we never lost
the wish to make things right when it
mattered most of all.

well if i'm the reason you get mean
consider if you'd never seen
that bunch of flowers twice the height
what i thought we could find.

but if we're the reason you must leave
promise, girl, that you'll believe
yourself and not my stutterred pleas
for you to change your mind.

but if i ever wonder why i love you
just open up one bright brown eye and
i will surely find.

that the way i feel inside will sure remind me who
it is that makes the butterflies within my stomach
twist and turn and dive.

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Cold Runway

if we fell in love in an aeroplane
cabin pressure would you take my name
and the shame as we taxi down
the turbulence sounds good
on the cold runway

if we knew true love in the checkout aisle
plastic bags and the clerk she smiles
and the miles through the parking lot
we are not a coupon for cheap love

won't you marry me marry me, please julie
won't you carry me carry me, please julie
the funeral cues me to bury my heart

if we called it quits over christmas dinner
turkey's burnt can you smell the winter
and the cinders just blacken the snow
your footprints showed me that you just walked in circles

if we talked briefly on the telephone
my head drops as I listen for the tone
take me home and my body's shakin
why'are you takin my dignity

a name upon a stone
has gone and found a home in my heart

if we never met would it be ordinary
to think of you by the cemetery
as I carry my pick and shovel
the flowers huddle in circles round your feet

if we met again by the cemetery
tombstone name oh won't you marry
won't you marry me marry me please julie
carry me carry me please julie
bury me bury me please julie

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Oto the Bear

oto the bear slept by the stream
oto the bear couldn't come clean
fish dance the disco of bear dreams
get up get up get up get up woo

oto the bear played by the thicket
oto the bear just couldn't kick it
berries crushed microphones concert ticket
get up get up get up get up woo

oto take a chance
you gotta be gotta be taking a chance
get up get up get up get up

oto the bear they are coming to see
strapped to the cage of the magnolia tree
oto the bear they are coming to look
brought by the idea that souls can be shook

oto the bear, he's oto the bear

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So Many Ways to Die

so many ways to die
so many ways to stay alive
but if you wouldn't mind to wait a while
you could give another day a try

you tell me all that you cherished is through
well that's not true it isn't true
it isn't true
i read it in the news it is but really isn't you
you are exactly who you choose
you're only lying to you

so many ways to think
how differently we interpret the brink
between the side of life worth living
and the point at which you're better off to sink

so many ways to laugh
chortle chuckle giggle cachinnate guffaw like william howard taft
science has proven it's correlated
with the number of days your life will pass

so many ways to die
so many different ways to lie
should a community allow
or should society continue to deny

what could i say where do you go
what could i do what could i know

so many different lives
so many different ways to hide
but if you open your shutters
you might find the joy that only lives outside

so many ways to dance
so many different meanings for glance
but you only get a few if you keep staring at your shoes
you will miss every single chance

three thousand different ways
they could've rearranged your dna
but I believe just for today that
you can conquer your affliction of the brain

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what would you say to marriage
after the 200th time I told the same joke
and then I broke your favorite watch with my heel

what would you say of true love
after the 200th time I told you I loved
and then I blew your confidence with a lover that was in my past

I thought you knew, I thought you knew
this was marriage

would you still find me pretty
after the 200th time I wore the same skirt
and then I hurt your dream job offer because I was scared

would you still buy me dinner
after the 200th time I dropped my silver fork
and the nursery rhyme stork never brought a baby to you

I thought you knew
I thought you knew
this was
just two names on a court certificate
20 years and the same kiss
and I thought you knew
I thought you knew
this was marriage

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laurita yo tengo un secreto para ti
si lo supieras no le querias tu
me esperarias catacumbas serias tu

la verdad yo tengo en mis labios cuando hablo contigo
el ya tiene otra flaquita
lie lie lie lie lie lie lies

un lugar que siempre es sagrada para mi
cuerpo y mis huesos a donde van
despues de todos dias capitana sin charlatan

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Kuala Lumpur

monsoon winds will take you home to my malaysia
kuala lumpur, kuala lumpur all day
so much to say

so much to say malaysia
so much to say
monsoon winds will take you home to my

so much to say malaysia
so much so much to say
palm trees bend up to the sky in my malaysia

my malaysia
dear darling shores of malaysia
so much to say

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hauling your limestone all over town
won't you send me a message and keep me around

building you a pyramid
lost in the sand, lost in the sand
nomads they will find you
your locks will never hold
prophets will forget you
history is painted gold

she's a scarab collector that's what she is
i can tell by the wrapping that's hanging from her wrist

made you a capstone built it from scratch
but I planned no exit or safety hatch

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25 Daniels

25 daniels rode off that day
they were wearing the same coat of blue
no one was sure how many would die
but most guessed it'd be at least 22

and so damn old man time and his dirty trick ways
made the worst month of her life feel like 36 days
and the last time she smiled was for heaven and you
in the winter of 1972

25 daniels rode off that day
they were wearing the same coat of blue
each of them thought they would surely survive
cos their courage was loyal and true

and so damn the other side and their dirty trick ways
how the redcoats conspired to make dirty water ways
and the last time she smiled was for heaven and you
in the winter of 1972

on the lam was one daniel the lone runaway
who had thrown off his coat of blue
he won a whole in his sock, scored a hole in his shirt
where the bullets should have gone through

and so damn old man time and his dirty trick ways
made the worst month of her life feel like 36 days
and the last time she smiled was for heaven and you
in the winter of 1972

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playing checkers in the great hall
made math and science school a little less not fun at all

studying all night for dr. kish's quiz
at least you never caught Yersinia pestis

LAN parties after lights out
some got mad when we competed for the longest shout

Suspended for a week when i propped a door
so we drove to shawnee to get some tips from rushmore

it was looking pretty bleak - would they let us stay?
But did we really want imprisonment anyway?

Still, I'm pretty glad they let us back in
You were a pretty shoddy roommate but i'd do it again
Don't ever take for granted what you're given

mathew when they found you they had found you finding jesus as well
the poison had caught you in its spell
did nobody bother you to tell
the catholics would banish you to ...
well they should know that you're in
a better part of hell

Making fun of tyler and aaron for being so fat
and how laura was such a brat

double-cut punch right across the chin
boxing during study time once and again

and with a couple old foils we'd fight and then
party in the dark to Aphex Twin

Always kind of an ass, always making us laugh
i used to like looking into the past

now you're out of line, now you're out of time
forever asshole

did you really think you had it the worst of all?
you had: everything you ever needed
except another head a little less conceited
forget about the ones that once you needed

matthew when they found you they had found you finding jesus as well
the poison had caught you in its spell
did nobody bother you to tell
the catholics would banish you to
well they should know that you're in
a better part of hell
than the darkness whence you fell before

matt when they found you they had found that you'd found christ where
you lay
he gave you the strength to live, they say.
i think he gave you the strength to pass away
he made you believe it was okay
to produce all the pain and blame
anchors away!
five hundred yesterdays
before you took your breath away.

not a lot to say
nothing much to do
there is a part of you
in every of the ones you knew
one of whom forever blue
i only wish you knew
that the gun that failed to fire beforehand
tried to tell you nothing new

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Kate and Kelsey

kate and kelsey
we will marry you
on the road to north carolina
strawberries in your hand
we will take your hands
promise to walk hand in hand
because I cannot stand to be alone

southern love affair
love is truth or dare
does the warm air make you nervous
tobacco farmland
will you learn to plow by hand
promise to walk hand in hand
because I cannot stand to be alone

kate and kelsey
we will marry you

hate and jealousy
carry a penalty
that I don't think we can ignore
if we bury all our plans
fill our hearts with all the sand
then we'd walk hand in hand
because I cannot stand to be alone

let's burn what we share
love is a ruthless stare
that your brown hair does not hide
goodbyes are never grand
love is timing where we stand
even if we drop our hands
because I cannot stand to be alone

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[why is this song not on Tarpits?]

Well I made my first million
and I felt like a billion
so I decided to take a trip

I went to the store
and before i got bored
I bought myself a brand new ship

I decided to go east
I thought to at least
find a nice place on the sea

so I asked all my friends
and they all took my hands
and said there's only one place
I could be

oh Barcelona
the grand city
the hills and the valleys
la rambla and alleys
and oh what a beach     

so after I bought
that very first yacht
I made to sail right away

we traveled in style
but it took us a while
we took twenty two and one half days

we got to the beach
but no one to teach me
that girls could be naked bove  the waist

and so I played in the sand
oh breasts I couldn't stand it
so I held my hands to my face

then we cruised through the town
and we walked around
all these buildings by a dude named gaudi

but it was all very strange to me
because it was plain to me
that nothing was finished really

then we climbed to the top of the hill
and we took our fill
of a gorgeous view to save

but no one explained to me
how it came to be
this mountain on some graves

oh Barcleona
a world apart
old and new
and so much to do
and oh all the art

I went out at night
I was clubbing til dawn
I'm drunk off sangria
who knows what else I am on
this place it's so modern
and the girls are no joke
the sad thing about it is
after two days I'm flat broke

let's get outa here

got back in the boat
and got up the coast
it's time to go back home

I kissed columbus' feet
I hoped that we would meet
the new world on our own

we were sailing fine
yes we were making good time
but I knew that it would never last

and now I'm stuck on an island
just south of iceland
cause I cannot afford gas

oh Barcelona
oho what a place

the streets and the parks
and the city after dark
and my fortune to waste

the grand city
you know it was fun
but I am glad I am done
because it was not cheap 

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Trip Out West

Thought I'd take a trip out west
See the Mississippi
Go down to Tennessee or the Big Easy
Drove out from the east coast
With my home town boy
Put in on the southern shores of

Don't take it so hard, babe
Life and you
Don't take it so hard, babe,
It'll see you through.

Hid out in a corn field
With Picasso colors
Humming birds and mosquitos
By the brown waters
Walked through the darkest cave
Hoping for Mark Twain
Didn't find that river man but it
sure did rain.

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Julian of Norwich was a charming farming girl.
Perfectly content in her little peasant world.
Prepared to live her weary dreary life.
To live as someone's perfect little wife.
Then one day she heard a higher, mighty voice.
And to her it seemed that there was a higher choice.
So she made her vows and the whole world she did tell,
She would live alone in a little walled-off cell.

Julian of Norwich, why did you go away?
Don't you know your family thinks of you every day?
And though your faith is strong it has to be said,
to your own family you may as well be dead.

Julian of Norwich was buried alive.
On only bread and water she could not survive.
But she always prepared for this day.
She went through her funeral before they locked her away.
All the people came from far and wide
They could not go in so they stayed outside
They opened up their hearts
and confessed their sins
Their stories made Julian's cut up head spin

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Smile When You Kiss

you should smile when you kiss
dont let people say your emotionless

laugh when you want
dont let people say you do it to taunt
or haunt

dance when you like
dont let people say its only for night
thats trite

and you can cry by yourself
im here to tell you other people are hell
shit sells

you can sing all alone
singings just talking in tones

and get off your cellphone
because they're tracking you home
skin and bones
all alone

when you do and when you do

so compile all your bliss
into memory books of all the people
you miss
it's heartless

to keep all the change
the root of evil's made us deranged
we're chained

to the walls of our jobs
a school of fish on the fishing bobs
we're slobs

for the friends that we keep
never seem to keep us so neat
that's sweet

like a closed candy store
that couldn't stay open just one day more
we're troubadores

and the mgm lion's roar
is making you bored
so pull the cord
and close the door

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Rosetta Stone

Well she said
Hello in
Well it must've been an archaic tongue
Was it more a sweet goodbye, so long, I've had my fun

And she brought
an interpreter
and he's making it quite clear your champagne's always near
You came by for the music but
You know you're not really here

Teach me your alphabet so I can break your code
I swear you're from the golden age, you're my rosetta stone

And she brought
An interpreter
And he's making it quite clear your champagne's always near when you're your most sincere
You came by for the music but, it's worse than you feared.

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Three Saddest Words

When you called at 4am
My mind was workin
I rolled over in the bed above
the box where I kept
The trifles I talked in letters unsent
and I don't understand what you see in this man
what you see in me.

It's no surprise
My heart is broken
It's no surprise
And I don't understand what it means for your man
What it means for me

Called you back at 5:17
You never answered and now I have seen
What it means to me

I realize
I have the answer
I realize

I remember
You told me there were
The three saddest words and now I am sure
What they mean to me

I got the tone
But could not follow through
Just a recording
A voice I once knew
Said the three saddest words
That I ever have heard
And I remember
But now I'm not sure
What it means from you.  

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Buzz, a Buzz

a buzz, a buzz
is pleasant company for someone
by four walls.
abuzz, abuzz
your mind it was when someone
found out
love was gone.

a bust, a bust,
you thought it must have been a breach
of trust
by four walls
a bus,t a bust,
you turned your cards over,
threw them up in disgust.
love was gone.

a bus, a bus
passenger asked you how you felt you said you felt
by four walls
a bus, a bus
took you pretty far but you wound up right back
where you started
love was gone.

I was singing about that time with the border patrol and the mountains
of utah. you thought you had control. but now that confession put it
home back down to the gravest days and alright guess who's
backit'slikethat, it'slikethisit'slikethatand you said
I've got dreams that I can't share
so I write them in reams so the papers will blare

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One, Two, Three

One, two three

And if I could be
Beautiful to see
I would be a little white flower
Under a tree

And if I could sing
All the love I would bring
I would be a bluebird baby
Taking wing

We could watch the clouds go by into nothing
We could watch the passersby, that's something
No no, she says, no no, she says,
No no she says that's not how it goes

And if I could fly
Pie in the sky
I would try and win your love
Don't ask why

And if I could be
WIth you and me
Three words would be all I needed
One, two, three; one, two three
I love you, I love you
I know she says, I know she says,
I know she says, that's how it goes

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Cavaliers (Har Hum)

We are calling cavaliers to arms
We shall fight like a lion with a sword in its side
We shall rush to defend at the sound of the alarms
We shall vanquish our foes with the justice of the brave

Cavaliers, sing out in glory, har hum
Cavaliers--it's the same old story, har hum

And we'll raise up our fists as the horns ring out
O'er the river we must cross to the enemy side
But we'll fall to our knees as the tide brings doubt
For heavy baggage worn we are bashed and bathed

So we knocked on the doors of the ones who kept us down
But they heard us from afar and they ran away in fear
So we sharpened our blades on whatever was around
Branches, bark and motor oil, we left a dreadful wake.

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Caterpillar Tree (for old time's sake)

A lonely caterpillar tree
Stands right next to me
And it wants you for a friend to be
Maybe you can be

Inside of me
Is a lonely caterpillar
Inside of me
Is a light that grows much dimmer
Let's take a ride, ride cause you've got the time.

a lonely caterpillar tree
Stands by the sea
And it wants you for a friend to be
Maybe you can see

Inside of me
Is a lonely caterpillar
Inside of me
Are two eyes that shake and quiver
Let's take a ride, ride cause you've got the time.

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Get To Gettin' On

Well I said
You could stay with me
I was being polite out of courtesy
And you looked me right in the eye
Promised me that it'd be just for a while

So I'm laying this one down
I ain't puttin you on, no
Girl, I'll give you til the dawn
And then you got to get to gettin on

Well it
Took me some time
I thought this one through and I made up my mind
And you well, you ain't no good
You had me fooled, carved my heart up just like wood

In case you did not hear me
I'm gonna tell you once more
get out the door.

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Jellybean Wine

Jellybean wine, perfect for a sunday morning hangover
Jellybean wine, perfect for a sunday morning

Hang out the window and wait to grow younger
Hang out the window and wait to grow young
And she does

The sun's coming up as she's going down
High as a kite that's kicking the ground
Yesterday's gone but she's still around and she knows

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Sinister Side

I've got a straw hat
I took it from a tourist
took it right off his head
because I'm a purist
next I got his pocket watch
stuck at half past three
that was meant for a grandson
but got passed on to me

I didn't mean for it to hurt
it's just my line of work
there's an angel on the right shoulder tellin' me no
a devil on the left sayin on with the show
the angel on the right says boy you better think twice
why does the side of the devil always look so nice

I've got a camera
equipped with a flash
it was taken from someone's
secret stash
now I've got some photos
though none of myself
all the folks that I don't know
got empty frames on the shelf

I've got a backpack
but I did the gal a favor
when I took it off her hands
it was freedom that I gave her
inside I found a history book
on the Russian revolution
looks like Marx says that I'm justified
with my wealth redistribution

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little johnny johnny cut himself to stay sane
he had a girly girly but she couldn't remain
by his side so he tried to fill the void in his life
by writing on his arm with a knife l

ittle johnny's brother when he saw johnny's pain
he looked at little johnny with the greatest disdain
he said bro I don't know but it looks to me as though
only yourself is to blame

she walked into johnny's room
and now she knows just what he means
it was different
when she was writing on his arm she was

little johnny knew that feeling had to revive
he didn't really wonder whether he would survive
so he clung to the pain with the hopes to regain
proof that johnny still was alive

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Tall Grass

The tall grass swings to the rhythm of the falling rain
that drops its beads on the flowers below
the sun shines down like a spotlight on center stage
and all the creatures feel  the morning time rage
on that center stage

the soft wind sings to the jitter of the dancing trees
that drop their leaves like a fly on the go
the dark clouds ring out a RUMBLE WHILE THE SUN ABSTAINS
and we're all dancing to that summer time rain
call us all insane

where did you look in a mirror what did you see saw
myself tell me more a little bit clearer than before

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La Paz

I want to crawl in the ocean
want to swim in the street
til both my knees are broken
til I skin my padded feet
yes I

think I'll retire for a while
go down to La Paz
a place above the sea to miles
to sit and watch time pass
I hope they named that city right
for I intend to rest in peace
smoke from my Andean pipe
in a blanket of llama fleece

I don't need my eyes
don't need my ears no more
I see what I despise
I hear what I abhor
yes I

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